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The Al Muntazir Boys Primary School was formerly known as Al Muntazir Junior School. It changed its name when the CBE made a decision to run single sex primary school in 2002. Situated in the posh Sea View area opposite the Aga Khan Hospital, the school faces the Indian Ocean and enjoys a tranquil environment of the area, which is very conducive for the teaching and learning process.

We provide a caring Islamic Environment, instilling and upholding Islamic values like, honesty, friendship and trust. We accommodate all students, irrespective of race, religion, caste or creed

The Al Muntazir Boys Primary School currently follows the Tanzania National Curriculum. In order to add some international outlook to our pupils, the curriculum is enriched with a variety of items. The teaching and learning process is student oriented with teachers mainly facilitating the process, and there is general participation of both teacher and child. Pupils enjoy a number of activities as they acquire the concepts in various subjects; these are child friendly teaching methods that enable the children to learn while they have fun.

The class size of the primary schools is small enough for the teachers to accommodate. At Grade 1 to 3 levels each home-room teacher has a helper to work with 30 pupils in the class. The home-room teachers take the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Social studies. From Grades 4 to 7 the teaching is subject oriented. Although each subject is indicated as stand alone on the timetable, the teachers are gradually being introduced to integrating the concept for the pupils to grasp easily. Other innovative teaching approaches like the small group cooperative teaching and learning are being used.

The purpose built school has spacious classrooms and other utility rooms including computer lab, library, spacious staff room and ample play area for the pupils. Pupils enjoy sporting and other social club activities every week on the playground. The environment also ensures safety and security, leading children to become confident and liberated individuals.

The school works towards developing students who would exhibit:

  • Achievement in academics
  • Ethics and Morals
  • Community Service
  • Spirituality
  • Participation in Sports
  • High level of discipline

The Al Muntazir Boys Primary always endeavors to keep improving the academic standards of the pupils. The continuous staff development programs enhance these objectives and definitely make the future of the school brighter.

We say, Karibu Sana to all of you. You are welcome to book visits our classrooms or attend our school events to get the feel of a friendly atmosphere and the vibrant spirit at Al Muntazir Boys Primary School.

Our Facilities



Student safety, security, concentration and flexible learning have been the main focus in creating the classrooms. The rooms have been designed to allow multiple styles of teaching and learning and to create an environment conducive enough for effective learning.

Science Laboratories

Science Laboratories

A total of six science labs (2 for each science subject: one on boys wing and one on girls wing) are available for students and teachers for conducting lab sessions as part of the learning process. The school ensures modern, state of the art equipment are available in every lab to make the learning process more effective.

School Library

School Library

A well stocked library is present in both the Girls and Boys Wing. The library houses numerous reading materials including Academic Textbooks for every subject taught at the school, Non Fiction and Fiction readers, Periodicals, Newspapers and Encyclopedias. Together with that, IT facilities within the library allow students to conduct online research that can assist them in their research projects.

IT Laboratories

IT Laboratories

Two well stocked IT Labs (one each for Boys and for Girls Wing) are availed not only for students to learn the practical IT modules, but also for teachers wanting to demonstrate online or CD based learning materials to students in any subject. One of the IT labs is also improvised as an AV room allowing all and any Al Muntazir School to hold presentations or demonstrations using multimedia facilities.

Sports Ground

Sports Ground

The School has access to the Union Sports Club Sports ground for any sporting activity including Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Athletics and Basketball. The school also encourages students to become successful not only in academic but also in sporting or recreational activities by having specific time slots for extra curricular activities separately for boys and girls.


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