We aim to foster, in school, a friendly and caring atmosphere where each child is encouraged to achieve his full potential in all areas of the curriculum. We are able to give appropriative need based attention to children which helps to encourage them to achieve much higher goals.

Successful adoption of the Cambridge Primary curriculum for primary schools (grade 1-4) has been developed in tune with our religious ethos and culture and to ease the transition from Primary to the Secondary level in the context of developments in the global educational scenario. This curriculum will gradually extend to higher grades. By the end of 2022, the Girls Primary School would have transitioned into provision of full 6 year Cambridge Primary Program.

The Cambridge Primary offers 3 core subjects of Math, English (First Language) and Science. Together with that, students are also offered non core subjects including Kiswahili, Social Studies, Moral Value Education, Art, ICT and Physical Education.

The Al Muntazir Boys Primary School is divided into Lower and Upper school.

The Lower School comprises of children from Grades 1 to 3, where emphasis is placed on the “whole child” as a complex entity:  physical, intellectual, affective-emotional, social and normative. We set out to achieve not only high levels of academic knowledge, but also skills and attitudes, values and accountability, that will enable the students to successfully face the challenges of higher grades.

The Upper School comprises of children from Grades 4 to 7. Grade 7 currently follows the Tanzania National Curriculum. This curriculum is enriched further by integrating  international educational perspectives to allow children to assimilate into any school curriculum after Grade 7.

We seek to nurture children to become disciplined, independent, wise, confident, hard-working individuals with a wide range of knowledge. Our goal is to give students the skills to become the builders of a stronger nation and change-makers who overcome the challenges of modern society.

At AMBPS we strongly believe that education is a 3-way process where there is a partnership between Students, Teachers and Parents and each plays an equally important role.




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