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Al Muntazir Girls Primary School Counselling Department

At AMGPS, we strive to achieve an optimal, positive learning environment for our children. We actively support and promote the social, emotional, and mental wellness of our students and teachers through various programs under the counseling department.

The department provides an array of services including one on one and group counselling sessions with students, lessons on developing important skills for teachers and students, parental consultations, and parental workshops throughout the year. These services aim at facilitating the holistic development of our students in academic, social, and emotional lives.

The department is headed by Miss Doreen Malavanu; a Psychology graduate and mental health enthusiast with skills in conducting assessments and developing individualized action plans for a range of social, emotional, academic, and mental health issues. Doreen has been working in Psychology since 2019 and chose this unique career because of her passion for helping people.

Together with the team of baseline counselors, they design and implement the aforementioned programs throughout the school academic year that ensure that the students reach their maximum level of performance and are well prepared for life after AMGPS.

Have an inquiry? Drop her an email at counselorgps@almuntazir.org and she will assist you as soon as she can.

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