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In today’s Era as the emotional and mental issues are growing fast with time, we all need some extra support and help for the same and a skilled and qualified counselor is someone who fits best in the criteria of helping and overcoming these challenges.

Garima Rao is a Social School counselor with a Master’s in clinical psychology from INDIA along with a diploma in behavior testing and support therapies like relaxation, yoga, basic acupressure, panic healing, and color therapy. An optimistic person with proficiency in psychometric & behavior testing and management, counseling skills, and clinical assessments. Dealing with students, teachers, and parents for different issues and queries in a very friendly, safe, and confidential environment. We along with our school team provide counseling services for different areas like social, emotional, personal, and academic aiming at the holistic development of our students. Also, we provide support by consistently conducting workshops for students & parents.

Have an inquiry? Drop her an email at garima.almis@almuntazir.org and she will assist you as soon as she can.



Saldin Kimangale, School counselor at Al-Muntazir Islamic Seminary (ALMIS) since March 2018. A trained Psychologist and Counselor from Muhimbili University of Health and The University of Dodoma pursued MSc in Clinical Psychology and B.Ed. in Guidance and counseling. He is specialized in psychological disorders and their assessment, diagnosis, and treatments.

Currently self-centered in academic and career guidance and counseling, Psychological First Aid (PFA), Stress and Trauma management.

Have an inquiry? Drop him an email at saldin.almis@almuntazir.org and he will assist you as soon as he can.

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