Established in 1986, the Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary (ALMIS) celebrated its Silver Jubilee in the year 2011.

The school is home to approximately 780 students and 60 teaching faculty, and offers both the Cambridge International Curriculum (IGCSE) and the NECTA National curriculum.

Offering strong academic teaching on a campus with facilities that are the envy of many schools, the Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary strives to impart education that enables students to become well placed members of the Tanzanian society who would shape the country for the next generations.

Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary aims to inculcate life-long passion for learning amongst the students and to mold them into self-directed learners. To facilitate this, the school ensures the provision of resourceful libraries, where students are motivated to read research and investigate.

In addition to that, the school boasts of 6 well stocked science laboratories, 2 IT laboratories and an Audio video room.

The school strongly believes that learning for each student should be challenging, interesting and achievable. Hence, the school works on strong ethos based on values and spirituality. The school works towards developing students who would exhibit:

  • Achievement in academics
  • Ethics and Morals
  • Community Service
  • Spirituality
  • Participation in Sports
  • High level of discipline.

To support the ethos, the school provides continuous professional development to its teachers in order to gear them towards a supporting role for the students and for themselves to succeed. The support is also extended to the students through the school’s counseling office whereby students are given relevant guidance in areas of careers, personal growth and academic achievement.

The past is star studded, with the school achieving international and national student awards almost every year. At the same time, the future is assuring, as the school endeavors to take on new challenges by continuously modernizing its facilities, improving the methods of learning and be sensitive to the demands of all the stakeholders including the community, the staff, the parents and the students.

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