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Established in 1986, the Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary (ALMIS) celebrated its Silver Jubilee in the year 2011. The school is home to approximately 1100 Students and 110 Admin & Teaching faculty, and offers Cambridge Curriculum at Lower Secondary, IGCSE and GCE A Level.

The past is star studded, with the school achieving international and national student awards almost every year. At the same time, the future is assuring, as the school endeavors to take on new challenges by continuously modernizing its facilities, improving the methods of learning and be sensitive to the demands of all the stakeholders including the community, the staff, the parents and the students.

Head of Schools - Mrs. Sundeep Kaur

Offering strong academic and non academic skills on a campus with facilities that are the envy of many schools, the Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary strives to impart education that enables students to become well placed members of the Tanzanian society who would shape the country for the next generations.

Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary aims to inculcate life-long passion for learning amongst the students and to mold them into self-directed learners. To facilitate this, the school ensures the provision of resourceful libraries, where students are motivated to read research and investigate.

In addition to that, the school boasts of 6 well stocked science laboratories, 2 IT laboratories and an Audio video room.

The school strongly believes that learning for each student should be challenging, interesting and achievable. Hence, the school works on strong ethos based on values and spirituality.

The school works towards developing students who would exhibit:

  • Achievement in Academics
  • Ethics and Morals
  • Community Service
  • Spirituality
  • Participation in Sports
  • High level of discipline

To support the ethos, the school provides continuous professional development to its teachers in order to gear them towards a supporting role for the students and for themselves to succeed. The support is also extended to the students through the school’s counseling office whereby students are given relevant guidance in areas of careers, personal growth and academic achievement.

The Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary is authorized by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE – UK) to offer the IGCSE program for ages 13 – 16 (O Levels) as well as GCE A Levels for ages 16 – 18 (A Levels).

Our Facilities



Student safety, security, concentration and flexible learning have been the main focus in creating the classrooms. The rooms have been designed to allow multiple styles of teaching and learning and to create an environment conducive enough for effective learning.

Science Laboratories

Science Laboratories

A total of six science labs (2 for each science subject: one on boys wing and one on girls wing) are available for students and teachers for conducting lab sessions as part of the learning process. The school ensures modern, state of the art equipment are available in every lab to make the learning process more effective.

School Library

School Library

A well stocked library is present in both the Girls and Boys Wing. The library houses numerous reading materials including Academic Textbooks for every subject taught at the school, Non Fiction and Fiction readers, Periodicals, Newspapers and Encyclopedias. Together with that, IT facilities within the library allow students to conduct online research that can assist them in their research projects.

IT Laboratories

IT Laboratories

Two well stocked IT Labs (one each for Boys and for Girls Wing) are availed not only for students to learn the practical IT modules, but also for teachers wanting to demonstrate online or CD based learning materials to students in any subject. One of the IT labs is also improvised as an AV room allowing all and any Al Muntazir School to hold presentations or demonstrations using multimedia facilities.

Sports Ground

Sports Ground

The School has access to the Union Sports Club Sports ground for any sporting activity including Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Athletics and Basketball. The school also encourages students to become successful not only in academic but also in sporting or recreational activities by having specific time slots for extra curricular activities separately for boys and girls.


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