Extra curricular activities are designed to supplement school curriculum and provide additional opportunities for our students to develop skills, character, and leadership. There are many activities available for students to participate in throughout the school year.

The Students have a variety of options for participating in the Extra Curricular Activities.

These are based on different clubs and sports activities that are run by students under the guidance of the Teachers / Patrons.

Students are currently registered for clubs such as

  • Science Club,
  • Literature Society,
  • Wildlife Club,
  • Photography Club,
  • Math Club,
  • Computer Club and
  • Health Club

As well as Sporting activities like Basketball, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Swimming and Recreational Sports

Extracurricular activities are conducted every week, Time 2:50pm to 3:30pm

For Girls on Tuesdays

For Boys on Thursdays.



House Teams

The Secondary schools runs a House system; the four houses are named after colours, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. On entry to School, each student is assigned a house (the same as an older sibling if requested) and remains a member of this house throughout their years at Al Muntazir.

House points are awarded in class for effort, attitude and achievement and for competitions run at various points during the year, e.g. Sports Day, quiz competitions, Maths challenges etc. The house system fosters good relationships between children in different year groups and encourages a sense of working together and responsibility.






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