Student Cabinet/Prefects

The Primary and Secondary schools promote good conduct of the student community by involving them in school governance through the avenue of Prefect-ship. The school selects students at all levels and starts grooming them into leaders charged with the responsibility of maintaining discipline in the school. Upon selection, the entire prefect body is subjected to a Leadership Training Workshop to equip them with basic skills necessary for their new roles.

Punctuality and Attendance/Absence

The students are advised to report to school in proper uniform by 7.00 a.m and ready to join the morning assembly at 7.10 a.m. Persistent late reporting to school can attract in-school detention, after school detention or suspension. Students are expected to be in class by 7.30 a.m. School attendance is compulsory and any absence must be explained in writing to the school Principal by the parent as the attendance also forms the basis of promotion.

Permission to Leave School

Permission to leave school will be granted at the discretion of the school Principal. No student will leave the school premises unaccompanied by the parent or a guardian. A student may be granted permission on the basis of ill health after the approval of the school Principal. Where possible, the school encourages parents to book appointments outside school hours.


At the core of the school values is the principle of respect to self, peers, school staff, school property, and school authority. The virtue of self respect is a true sign of maturity and responsibility. Students are in this regard expected to take good care of personal belongings as the school will not take responsibility of any lost items. At the same time, students are expected to respect their colleagues and avoid using abusive language, bullying, harassment and discrimination as this may lead to suspension or expulsion. Cases of theft or destruction of school property including graffiti, chewing gum, smoking or possession of drugs, electronic gadgets such as cellphones, Mp3 players will be dealt with severely according to the discipline code.  Above all, students are expected to respect the school authority at all times.

Detention, Suspension and Expulsion

These are the range of school disciplinary actions: Minor offenses will attract detention while medium offenses may result in suspension. However, extreme disciplinary lapse may call for expulsion of a student. It is also important to note that cumulative minor offenses can result in suspension and likewise cumulative medium offences can attract the penalty of expulsion from school.

Religion and Salaat/Prayer Times

The school runs on Islamic religion ethos and will observe the following religious dimensions with due reverence and devotion:

  • Islamic Studies and Quranic Studies lessons;
  • Religious recitations at the morning assembly and other school functions;
  • Monday – Thursday daily prayer time at 12.30 p.m; in the form of Midday obligatory (congregational) ‘Jamaat’ prayers.

The non-Muslim students are provided with Moral Science and General Knowledge in place of Islamic and Quranic Studies respectively.

Unauthorized Items

The school has put in place a rigorous policy that governs unauthorized items. Parents are advised to seek a copy from the school. Such items which include but not limited to cellphones, Mp3 player, non-educational CDs, alcohol, any form of drugs, and the likes will be confiscated and not returned. At the same time, such offenses will be dealt with according to the school disciplinary code.

Illness/Injury at School

The school takes great exception to take care of the students once in school premises but cannot guarantee total safety. Parents are advised not to send sick children to school but instead seek medical advise from qualified practitioners. In case of injury at school or any other emergency, the school will make every effort to contact the parent for immediate action.

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