Welcome to the Student Section. We hope that you will find this area useful and learn a good deal from it. We are expecting a great deal of you, and you must have high standards and expectations for yourself.

As Al Muntazir Students you will have opportunities and privileges but also great responsibilities for your learning, the building, the equipment, the school’s reputation and for each other.

Do not let yourself or the school down. You have the opportunity today to make a new start and a good impression on teachers and fellow students – we hope that you use this well.

Remember good manners, politeness and consideration for others are required at all times.

At Al Muntazir, Student as Individuals believe in:

  • Fostering individuality, identity and own worth.
  • Applying rational and creative thought to problems; to nurture and utilize their logical and imaginative capacities; to recognize differences among various ways of thinking and benefits and limitations of each.
  • Thinking and expressing themselves with precision, clarity, confidence and imagination in at least two languages.
  • The importance of developing their physical and artistic abilities.
  • The ability to learn independently, with persistence, and with resilience in the face of setbacks.
  • Striving to fulfill their academic potential
  • Encouraging each other to act with conviction and to stand by principles even if this is at the expense of popularity or contrary to peer-pressure
  • Encouraging each other to work, learn and play cooperatively.
  • Encouraging each other to value and reflect on their own cultural heritage and giving them the opportunity to express this heritage

At Al Muntazir, Student as part of the Al Muntazir Community believe in:

  • Creating in each other a fundamental awareness of and respect for the rights and freedom of every individual
  • Encouraging fellow students to respond to others with understanding, tolerance,
  • open-mindedness, and sensitivity
  • Responsibility to the community and their ability to make positive change within their community
  • Being flexible to change, and continuity in different social, intellectual, and political contexts.

The Responsibility of the School to the Student:

  • Identifying, valuing, and developing all positive qualities of the students
  • Providing students with knowledge and skills to confront and deal with challenges and problems
  • Embracing technological developments to equip students with the skills and knowledge to understand, use and reflect critically on modern technologies
  • Maintaining high expectations of appropriate behavior using positive reinforcement whenever possible
  • Preparing students to be informed and realistic about their choices in life after leaving the school
  • Encouraging in staff and administration high standards of professionalism in order to provide a harmonious and caring environment for the students
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