As a student I shall do my best to…

  • Always wear proper school/PE uniform during the day.
  • Bring the correct equipment, stationery and books as required.
  • Attend School every day on time and be punctual to lessons.
  • Have respectful relationship with fellow students and staffs.
  • Use appropriate language at all times.
  • Write all homework in my diary, do my homework to the best of my ability and hand it in on time.
  • Behave well inside and outside of school and follow the School Rules as per the Discipline Code.
  • Respect the School buildings and furniture and the property of others.
  • Look after other students and under no circumstances bully other students.
  • Take letters home to parents and return replies.
  • Accept sanctions without argument and complete them promptly.
  • Support and help at school events.
  • Strive to enhance the school community spirit.
  • Find out what opportunities are open to me.
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